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​​​​​​Welcome to the City of Jackson, Alabama!

The Clarke County School System believes that all children can learn and that opportunities must be provided for every student to have a safe, healthy environment with instruction that meets their educational needs. This system recognizes, that even in our rural setting, we are a part of an interdependent, global society and it is the system's mission to educate students to be contributing citizens in that society.

Through pursuit of quality in all parts of the system, through positive motivation, positive discipline of students and with increasing positive parental involvement and business and citizen involvement, the Clarke County School System will help students become self-sufficient thinkers and citizens.

In today’s world, our children must grow to develop goals, achieve them, and find satisfaction in their lives.  By developing students’ critical thinking skills, and becoming committed to contributing to their communities, we equip young people to do well – and to live honorably and well.

The Jackson Academy is a member of the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA), which serves independent schools in the state of Alabama by providing member schools with educational and corporate services and programs focusing on excellence in academics, accreditation, and athletics.

We are pleased you have chosen to learn more about The Jackson Academy.  We look forward to challenging your child to do more – and in the process, become more.




Alabama Southern's Jackson Campus offers a strong academic educational program that provides students with a well-rounded learning experience.

The outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art instructional technology and the pleasant atmosphere of each classroom will provide a foundation for academic excellence. 

We invite you to schedule a visit by contacting our office by phone at (251) 246-0010 or by email at: jackson@ascc.edu



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